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Citrus News is NZCGI's quarterly newsletter, full of recent research, news and topical events.  This newsletter is sent to all NZCGI grower and industry members as well as a number of key industry organisations. 

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Citrus Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Manual

Practical, Safe and Effective Integrated Pest Management Strategies for Citrus in New Zealand is NZ Citrus Growers Inc's new Integrated Pest Management Manual for citrus in New Zealand.  It is the culmination of a three year project funded by grower levies and the Sustainable Farming Fund. 

The Manual is a three part reference guide for the New Zealand citrus industry.  The first part is an in-depth, ring-bound manual with biology, phenology, and control strategies for a wide range of pests and diseases.  A pocket-sized field handbook complements the larger manual, with photos of major pests and diseases, and the damage they cause – this is designed to be carried when in the orchard, allowing information to be at hand whenever it is needed.  Finally, a wall chart shows the chemical control options for pests and diseases, with a monthly activity calendar.  Used together, the three parts of the Manual will allow growers to readily identify the problems they face and understand the most effective responses.

The IPM Manual is available  for $50 + GST per copy, with orders of five or more copies receiving a 10% discount – download an order form here.

Growing Citrus in New Zealand – A practical guide

Whether you are a new grower wanting to know how to get started in the citrus industry, or an established grower looking for answers to your questions, Growing Citrus in New Zealand is for you.  The manual is a fully bound book containing all the information you need in one easily accessible volume.  Covering everything from planting to harvesting, including information on varieties, orchard management, pests and diseases, and citrus business management, it contains over 150 pages of text, diagrams, tables, and colour photographs.

Authors of the manual are from all areas of the citrus industry, growers, scientists and marketers. These include Pat Sale, Keith Pyle, Andrew Harty, Pauline Mooney, Alastair Currie, Gavin Loudon, Bob Fullerton, Philippa Stevens, David Skinner, and Alan Thompson.

This manual is a must for:

  • Citrus growers and marketers
  • Home gardeners
  • Horticultural students
  • Citrus enthusiasts

The manual is out of print.  It is available electronically via email. Please contact the NZCGI office  by emailing us at info@citrus.co.nz to request a free copy.