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Citrus New Zealand membership gives you exclusive access to our member portal. Here you will find all the latest information on Pest Management Strategies, R&D reports, levy calculators and regular updates from Citrus News.

There are four main membership types outlined below.


Anyone who owns a commercially producing citrus orchard in New Zealand is automatically a member. If you produce commercial citrus you must pay a compulsory levy on all fruit sold. If you haven’t received correspondence from us, please email to sign up as a grower member.


Almost anyone can be a paid industry member if they have a demonstrable interest in New Zealand’s citrus industry. These are often non-producing growers – such as a citrus orchard that isn’t productive yet – or people from related industries such as scientists or consultants.



Companies that have a demonstrable interest in the New Zealand citrus industry can apply to become corporate members.


This is an option for non-profits, such as teachers, and those in related industries, and is decided on a case by case basis. If you think you may be eligible for complimentary membership, contact us.

How to apply for membership

To become a member fill out and submit the online application form.
Membership fees are covered on the form.

Become a member


Citrus New Zealand is funded by levies from our members. All commercial citrus growers are legally required to pay a levy and are automatic members.

Levies must be paid on all fresh and processed citrus – deducted at the first point of sale and calculated per kilo. If you sell citrus directly to the public, you must pay CNZ directly. We can send you email reminders if you don’t already get them. To request this service, contact us.

If your fruit is sent to distributors or retailers you also need to pay CNZ directly, unless they collect the levy on your behalf.

Citrus Levy Rates


Fresh mandarins, oranges, tangelos, grapefruit, lemons and limes


All citrus intended for processing


Biosecurity levy on all fresh and processed citrus – from 01 April 2020

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Compliance requirements

To comply with the citrus levy and auditing and payment reconciliation requirements, the person collecting and submitting the levy must keep records of the:

Name of the grower and purchaser
Quantity of citrus purchased and sold for sale or export
Amount of levy collected and paid to CNZ

Collection agents must also provide a copy to CNZ to determine the amount payable. Remember to keep these records for at least two years.

HortNZ levy

The HortNZ levy is separate and paid in addition to the citrus levy.

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