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What are the production costs for establishing or purchasing a citrus orchard?

Understanding production costs and forecast profits is important in any horticultural enterprise. There is a cost of production spreadsheet in our member portal, or a generic one can be downloaded below. The tool helps you work out costs of production based on yield data. Other online tools you may find useful can be found here Including how much money you need to start a business & a 10 step guide.

Below are examples of expenses. They vary widely from grower to grower and season to season.

Transport – fuel / vehicle
Sprays and fertiliser
Repairs and maintenance
Pruning and picking
Insurance, rates and electricity
Wages and administration

Post-harvest costs:
Crate / bin hire
Commission and marketing
Freight in and out
Packaging, labelling and cool storage
Post-harvest treatments
Levies (CNZ and HortNZ etc)

A cost of production calculator to estimate the cost of production for citrus can be downloaded below. Please note that this calculator includes estimates for chemical and fertiliser costs.  These figures are used as examples in the calculator as these expenses vary widely from grower to grower. Entering your own costs / estimates into the spreadsheet will give a more accurate indication of your production costs and margins.

View calculator

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